StrokeSciences.Com is a personal project I started in 2015. I have learned valuable lessons from my stroke patients, have had the privilege to be involved in their care, listened to their stories and answered their questions. They have encouraged me to become a better listener, curious observer and a life long learner.

Stroke patients often present with other comorbidities, ranging from metabolic issues to connective tissue disorders, genetic misfortunes, congenital abnormalities, and almost all medical and surgical disciplines such as: Nephrology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Cardiology, Physiatry, Psychiatry, and surgery could at some point contribute to their care.

Throughout this journey I have become acquainted and interested in different specialties, hospital administration, healthcare policies, and global health. I stood back and looked at every cog wheel that turned the movement, porters, admin staff, nurses, house keepers, allied health and etc … I studied my patients charts, read and wrote progress notes, read MRIs, CTs, blood works, EKGs, EEGs, ECHOs,  but there was still something missing, our patients were not getting better, well some did, but certainly not better enough to attribute those improvements solely to medical care.

So I decided to start this website to learn more about the brain, the 11 systems, and disease processes. This website does not sell any product and the posts are mainly a combination of scientific literature search, my own observations and patient care experience. My journey as a life long learner continues and I am hopeful that one day I could give back to everyone who helped me in this path, especially my patients who have taught me valuable lessons.

On this website you see topics such as: Different disciplines of science and medicine, stroke pathophysiology, new advancements in stroke treatment, stroke rehab, hospital designs and patient care strategies, biostatistics, neuroscience and neuroanatomy, movement disorders and more.

As I mentioned, the reason I chose “StrokeScience” as the domain name is because I have learned tremendously about medicine and the science behind it through my stroke patients.

Please feel free to use the materials on this website but do not forget proper citation.“Give credit where credit is due”.

Remy Cohan